Cookies policy

A cookie is a small file that is stored when you visit a page on the browser from your computer or mobile device. It allows the storage and retrieval of certain information about your browsing, or recognises you in order to facilitate the access to certain services.

Some cookies are technically essential, such as those used when you are shopping or you access your email so you do not need to enter your username and password at every step. They are called "technical cookies" and are only used while you are on the site. If these are disabled, you may not be able to access all the content and services of this website correctly, or your browsing may be a little more uncomfortable if you access an area where you would be required to be authentified.

Others are called "analytical cookies". These allow the compilation of statistics about your browsing, allowing us to identify your interests and to offer more targeted services depending on your preferences and needs. Disabling these cookies will not hinder the functionality of the site, but you may not receive commercial or advertising contents specifically geared towards you.

What type of cookies does CZ Veterinaria use?

If any publicity or advertising is displayed on the site, it is fixed, rotating, or shuffled with the same criteria for all visitors, regardless of their identification or individual browsing.


How I can disable or manage my browser cookies?

Remember that, in some cases, disabling cookies may make browsing many sites more complicated, for example when managing content, checking your email, or making online purchases.

This process is different depending on the web browser you use on your computer or mobile device, but most browsers have tools allowing you to choose whether cookies are automatically deleted when you close the application, or permanently disabled. For your convenience, here are some links where you can learn how to configure the most common browsers in this sense:

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